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Your homes appearance is important and whether you love walking in your garden or enjoy weekend barbecues, for the right landscape – either aesthetic or functional – it’s imperative you design the right look and level of maintenance that works best.

A homeowners’ use of their yard can vary and include everything from patio spas and herb gardens to a finished structure with an outdoor chef’s kitchen and complete living area. Despite having so many options to choose from there are still a few rules to keep in mind to ensure your landscape is a success. Hiring the right landscape contractor should always be a priority.

Austin Landscaping and Design

(1) Make a list of needs – Do your kids need a play space? Do you want to grow vegetables? Would your family gather on a patio or under a pavilion? Do some rough sketches of the yard with thoughts of where you want to place things; it’s a great organizing tool. This way when you meet with your landscape professional you’ll have a landscape layout to share with them. Its something to help smooth the process.

(2) As you begin to select the layout for plants and structures in your landscaping plan , keep an eye on the path the sun shines through your yard. If you place a bush that requires little sunlight in a spot that gets rays all day, it likely won’t last long. Be sure and plan for the future! You know your area – design accordingly.

Austin Landscaping and Design

(3) It’s important to know your local allowance. As you plan for a patio, pool or outdoor kitchen, be sure and brush up on local ordinances and check whether there are any restrictions by your homeowners association (if you’re part of one). This will ensure you stay within the limits for development and know which projects need permits.

(4) Consider the proper plants for your climate. From grass to trees to the bushes along your walkway, you have choices and not just about right aesthetics for your place, but regarding which plants are best-suited for your part of the country and how well they’ll fare outside your home.

Austin Landscaping and Design

(5) Avoid over-development. Not every homeowner is looking for a garden in their yard – and that’s OK – it’s best (and more budget-friendly) to size your outdoor living area or patio accordingly to your homes layout. You may want a pool, a fire pit and a flower garden with seating for 20, but you’re likely overextending your yard and budget if there’s not enough space.

Austin Landscaping and Design

(6) Plan for proper help. Like with any do-it-yourself project, beware of your own limits and know what home improvements require a licensed professional. Also, expect to book a landscape contractor way in advance during spring and summertime. If you can call someone early spring and they say they can start tomorrow, you may have concern as to why they have the time and ability to start right away.


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(7) Keeping a lawn alive is extremely difficult for many homeowners, and it’s important to be proactive about your upkeep to ensure a healthy lawn year after year. Avoid too many chemicals, it’s not necessary to water your lawn every day, seed appropriately, and be sure and aerate your lawn annually. Other factors include mowing at the proper height and pulling weeds to keep your grass thriving. You can even have your soil tested to determine which nutrients are best before fertilizing.

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At the end of the day you’re creating a place that’s yours, its okay to be creative and should you desire something out of the ordinary, well that’s okay too. While traditional gardens and outdoor spaces are the norm, there’s always room for creativity within a plan. Choosing the right landscape contractor will help to ensure your next outdoor landscape is done right. Violet Crown Landscape can design and install every type of indoor/outdoor landscape. We serve the Austin Metro area.

Austin Landscaping and Design

Violet Crown Landscaping and Design is your go-to Austin Landscaper. Contact us today and let us help you bring your landscape ideas to life. Be sure and subscribe for design and installation specials. Hope you found our Landscape blog helpful.

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