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Blanco TX

Blanco is a city in the rural Blanco County, Texas. It is one of the great places to live in here in the Hill Country. The City of Blanco is defined less by boundaries on the map and more by their sense of shared values the residents here hold dear. It is a small town with guided growth, natural heritage, and preservation of historical culture.

This lovely riverside town has so much to offer. It is strategically located near so many attractions that make it a popular place to visit. One of the town’s biggest attractions is Blanco River. It is well popular especially in the summer when families from all over Texas come to play, swim and enjoy in its crystal clear and cool waters.

That is not all, Blanco, Texas is home to the first commercial lavender farm in Texas and the biggest craft breweries in the state. It also offers easy access to so many wineries and vineyards around the area. If you are looking for some fun in the sun as you enjoy swimming in the hot sun, Blanco is great. If you are in for a relaxing weekend getaway, Blanco still has you covered. Learn more here.

At Blanco State Park, you find a riverside outdoor recreation venue south of Blanco. It has amazing features and amenities with loads of activities from hiking, fishing, swimming, canoeing, tubing, and camping. The park is open every day all through the year. The best time to visit the park is during the summer where you can enjoy all of these activities under the hot sun then go for a dip to cool off.

How do you love your history? Well, Blanco Texas has something to offer history lovers. The Old Blanco County Courthouse built in 1886 is at the center of Blanco’s downtown square. The National Register of Historic places says this building is one of the best and finest examples of courthouse architecture from the 19th century in Texas. More adventure.

Are you up for a weekend getaway with the boys or together with your family? Blanco Texas welcomes you for a fun filled trip.