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Buda TX

This is the outdoor capital of Texas and one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. The town has grown in popularity of late and is part of the hottest real estate in Austin. Buda is 15 miles south of Austin and is a growing city popular for businesses and homebuyers. As of 2020, the town had a population of 16,906 people and is still growing with a 77.9% increase in population.

This is a fast growing suburb with so much to offer for residents and visitors. The family friendly community and competitive housing prices make Buda a favorite among homebuyers. The city is more than a commuter city with some people who live here working in Austin. It is slowly becoming independent with businesses and places to work springing up every day. Continue learning about the area. 

If you’re visiting the Hill Country and want a taste of Buda, start with breakfast at the Tex Mex restaurant, Helen’s Casa Alde. It is a family owned restaurant run by Helen’s children and grandchildren. It’s a popular option for Budans who love eating a taco made on a homemade tortilla.

For the sightseeing and adventure kind of people, there are many historic houses to visit in Buda. The best and majestic of them is at the Stagecoach Park. The Buda historic building downtown represents history in Texas with some of these buildings more than a century old. Next area to see.

If you are in the mood for a photo walk and sightseeing, the downtown spots of Buda serve he purpose. Here, there is more than 28 historic buildings which will fill your camera with amazing vintage travel snaps.

Maybe you’re here over the weekends. The Buda Farmers Market is a great place to visit and shop. It might seem like a small market but it is of great support to the locals. It has a great collection of vendors offering kombucha, raw honey, and breakfast tacos. You can also get some handcrafted candles, fruits, veggies, homemade jams,  and organic baked goodies in the market. Buda is a city for dwellers and visitors to enjoy.