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Cedar Valley TX

Cedar Valley, Texas is located on Farm Road 2843 and it has a school and several churches serving the sparse population. It is a quiet place with scattered dwellings and an air strip as well. It is rated as one of the best neighborhoods to live in the Austin area with the ranking based on census data. Next article.

Cedar Valley is a diverse neighborhood in Austin, Texas. It has an estimated population of 780. Despite this looking like a small residential neighborhood with nothing much going on, it is a vibrant place to be. Most of the residents here own their homes. The area offers its residents a sparse urban town feel. It is a quiet place which might have visitors mistaking it for a dull neighborhood while it’s not.

If you’re looking for things to do in Cedar Valley, Texas, start with an amazing breakfast at Chinos Fusion Hacienda. Their “BAD Taco” is delicious making your taste buds explode in flavor. The jalapenos are to die for and their green sauce lights up your tongue and taste buds on fire. No one comes to Cedar Valley and not get a recommendation to pass by at Chinos. You will already start making your plans to return after eating here.

Taking your little ones out to eat is sometimes a menace. These kids are always on the go and you end up looking out for them more than you enjoy meals. No one likes when their kids are all rowdy and goes knocking on other people’s tables. Well, Cedar Valley has a solution for that at a place called the Thinkery. They have water tables and a painting wall to keep your little ones engaged as you enjoy great food. They also have the space for your kids to run all over without knocking on tables. Great info here.

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