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Johnson City, TX

Not to be confused with Johnson County Texas, this is a city in Texas and a gateway to the Hill Country. The city was founded by James P. Johnson in 1879 and named after Sam E. Johnson an early settler. It is located in central Blanco County and is about a mile south of the Pedernales River. The town has a rich history whose aim is to provide improved quality of life for the residents and visitors. This is the heart of the Hill Country. A vibrant and fast growing city with something to offer everyone who passes by this great city. This is a historic city of adventure, discovery and fun for the entire family. More info on the area.

If you want to learn history and culture in here in Johnson City, Texas, start by visiting the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park. Start in the town where he called home and developed his love for politics at. Here, you’ll also see the Johnson Settlement where his grandfather lived. You can follow Highway 290 West and get to the Texas White House. Tour the beautiful home and ranch here where LBJ used to stay while he wasn’t in Washington. This is a Presidential City where LBJ hosted cabinet meetings. Additional info.

For those who want to have a good time cruising through the City, the views are amazing and in plenty. Texas State Park is one of the best places to go and unwind whether you are alone or together with the family.

How about a 140-acre gallery to educate and inform you? Located between Stonewall and Johnson City is an old Johnson hunting ranch that is now an indoor-outdoor gallery of works. It features more than 40 artists and here, you’ll enjoy seeing eclectic art pieces together with the natural beauty of Texas Hill Country.

If you’re here for a day trip, snack and some biting should suffice. Head over to Ronnie’s BBQ or Whittington’s Jerky and General store. You’ll find all kinds of jerky from pork to beef to turkey. Some of the best jerky in Texas. Ronnie’s BBQ gives you a full meal and you can enjoy it on the go or on location. Welcome to the Heart of the Hill Country and don’t forget to share your experience.