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Kyle TX

Another one of the fastest growing cities in Texas is Kyle. It is close to Austin with two transportation lines running through the city. It is a great location for businesses and residents alike. Known to some people as the Pie Capital of Texas, it is home to great outdoor recreation, dining experiences, and shopping extravaganzas.

One is guaranteed to have a good time in Kyle, Texas. If you are here to do some indulging, the fried chicken, sandwiches, Vietnamese, Mexican, and barbeque are in plenty. Ever heard of the Texas Pie Company? It’s an amazing restaurant in Kyle worth of a stop whenever you’re in the Hill Country. It has tasty baked goodies and unmatched homemade pies. If you are a fan of seafood, pasta, and steak, Bordeaux is another great restaurant to visit. Additional info.

Are you in a shopping mood and happen to find yourself in Kyle? Head down to the Arrowhead Trading Company. Here, you’ll find a selection of local artwork, collectables, and antiques. The Flea Market is also in the area and there are numerous charming boutiques that handle vehicle sales, power sports, bicycles, flowers, and musical instruments.

Maybe you’re in a day of relaxation and want to experience some peace and tranquility. The Plum Creek Golf course is one place to relax and unwind. This is an 18-hole championship golf course spread over 200 acres of breathtaking Texas Hill Country land with serene views.

Kyle, Texas is also home to four parks: Steeplechase Park, Waterleaf Park, Gregg-Clarke Park, and City Square Park. Each of these locations have wonderful accommodations for relaxations and recreation. If you’re here with the family, you are guaranteed to have an amazing time. you can choose to picnic as you watch your little ones play on the green grass spread out across all these parks. Welcome to the Pie Capital of Texas and have a great time. Up next is….