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L&L Adventures

Do you love hunting and wondering where to take your next hunting adventure? Welcome to Dripping Springs at L&L Adventures. Located deep in the heart of the country hill Texas, L&L Adventures provides pure fun, wholesome and thrilling experiences for hunters. More fun places. It has a grand view of Texas Hill Country with the Calhoun Ranch offering more than 30 plus types of white tail deer and exotics. The ranch is family owned for over 150 years and it is a historic working cattle ranch to date.

Hunting at Its Best

Hunting gives you an opportunity to experience nature and feel an intimate and sensuous connection to the environment. It also allows you to acknowledge kinship with wildlife and at L&L Adventures, this is where it all happens.

L Ray Calhoun is a guide at L&L Adventures and provides hunting together with other guides. It’s something they’ve been doing for more than 40 years. There’s no one better to guide you when hunting. These people know all you need to know about hunting. They know where to hunt and what it takes to have a fun, safe, and successful hunt.

L&L Adventures offer customized hunting packages for exotic and whitetail deer hunters. The ranch has a whitetail deer range of 120-300 class with an average weight of 100-300 pounds. The exotics range from A to Z. from Adax to Zebras and everything else in between. Read more.

Hunting at L&L Adventures is a purely customized experience. If you’re here with friends or even family who love to hunt, you are well covered. You get to pick your weapon of choice from bows, riffles, and muzzleloader. For your convenience, there are freezers and large meat coolers on site. These can accommodate large and small animals.

Located in Wimberley, L&L Adventures is strategically placed for a nice hunting and viewing experience. Before you get here, you enjoy sightseeing in places like the Jacobs Well, the historic Blue Hole, and 7A/Pioneer Town. The town of Wimberley is a popular tourist destination. Before the thrill of your hunt, you enjoy fresh air at the Hill Country plus a lot of breathtaking scenes. Beautiful crystal clear rivers, unique architecture, and creeks are some of the most popular attractions in the area.