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Helping Your Landscape Survive a Texas Summer

Placing a landscaping around a commercial facility can increase its value, function and visual appeal. A great company. By adding design elements such as flowers, trees, cobblestones and rocks, you can create an environment that will be enjoyable for decades to come. The guidelines for commercial landscape planning for Central Summer Texas are as follows: 

Phase 1 – Budgeting Commercial Landscaping 

Budget preparation should be done carefully, with thorough planning and realistic goal setting. To avoid certain pitfalls, create a solid budget that includes everything you need today, as well as long-term goals. 

Phase 2-Meeting with Landscape Architects 

In this phase, you have to meet with reputable landscape architects to discuss your budget and customize your project plans. During the first consultation, you should learn that commercial landscaping can be done in stages. For example, you can start from the front of the property and add sides and back at a later stage. Great information here.

The consultation should also include a discussion of plant selection. This should include color settings, likes and dislikes, screening and shading options. Be clear about what you need to do and explain how the different areas work. 

With a clear understanding of your needs, a lawn care professional will create a blueprint and present it to you. This gives you another opportunity to interact with the landscape architect. You can add or remove elements of your design to make sure you’re happy with your overall plan. 

Phase 3-Installation 

The phase contains the actual installation. They would have already discussed the time frame to complete the project. In this way, employees and customers can be notified of normal business interruptions. The installation must follow the exact design specifications to ensure that the agreed ones are available


With years of experience in Central Texas and commercial landscaping projects across Texas, we have created many custom installations. You can create a clean and fresh space that fits your client’s budget. 

Here are some examples of projects you can create: 


Entrance area park 

Setting up a parking lot 

Dining area

We will advise you on commercial spaces and custom-made products.