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Mercer Street Dancehall

The story of how Mercer Street Dancehall came to be is quite interesting. A girl aged 16 wanted to drive to dance halls across Texas with her friend. Her parents discouraged her by saying, ‘’there are no dance halls in Dripping Springs’’.  Learn about the town. This gave her father an idea. He was a contractor getting forced into retirement because of health concerns. He wanted to open a dance hall.

The dream came true, and in February 2013, he and his family opened Mercer Street Dancehall in Dripping Springs. The Dotin family, however, lost the dance hall when the landlord died. They were forced out after five years but decided to build it up from the ground again. The story is an extensive one you’ll enjoy once you get to Mercer Street Dancehall. See the area.

Located outside Austin, the Mercer Dancehall brings to life Texas’ dance hall life. Today, this is more than a dancehall. It has a variety of music collections, events, and rental cabins on site. This family-built music venue is like no other in Texas. It has become a historic site recognized all over the country for its good vibes and fantastic music.

Live Music

Mercer Street Dancehall is the place to visit if you are a fan of live music. The music ranges from good old country music to rock n roll and blues. The dance hall brings to life what live music should be all about.

Every weekend here is a time of enjoying live music. With onsite cabins, you don’t have to worry about getting home after a good night of incredible music. The place now has a newly opened kitchen called the Mercer Munchies. This, coupled with great music and the cabins, provide everyone with a perfect weekend getaway idea.

Are you looking for a safe, quiet, peaceful, and beautiful place for a weekend getaway? Are you planning a romantic evening where you wine and dine, then dance all night to live music? If so, the Mercer Street Dancehall is ideal. It is a perfect place to unwind here in Dripping Springs as you enjoy good food coupled with great scenes. You can check out their live music dates as you plan for a getaway.